Project Alamo/Cambridge Analytica & more

Back in time I did a series of memes on Project Alamo. I have re-done a few of those memes and of course the story always expands outwards.

One of the most nefarious part of this scandal lies in the heart of the operations of Project Alamo. There are big questions left that hopefully the Mueller probe will reveal. One of the big questions is – if Trump was so good at running this Voter Suppression campaign did he get the DNC voter rolls from Russia? Was there a database merge? Trump was willing to negotiate 80% of the sales of his hats to get the RNC Voter rolls. What would he do to get at Hillary voters – because that is where he focused on at the end. On the RNC Voter database – he did not negotiate for use of that – he negotiated to own it forever. Why the RNC was so willing to hand him their database and system like that is a mystery? Were they that desperate?

Previous to Trump Reince Priebus had invested over 100 ml in an intense Database operation of their own (RNC) – with real time get out the vote apps that were miles ahead they say of what the Democratic party had at the time. I think this is a very important part of the story rarely approached by journalists. Trump & team would have had to carefully work with Don’s team on that – the RNC with Project Alamo. Don would have needed that technology in play. I have some memes in there on that. The reason I think it is important in the Probe and the taking down of Trump and those involved is Trump accessed that technology that Reince had so carefully developed over the years. Reince was very attached to that, and he wanted more than anything to see it “in operation” to see it work and be a success. He would have had to have worked intensely with Bannon and Parscale and Kushner. In my own mind I picture him having been made “whole” before Bob. Is he a witness for the Mueller probe?

Kushner created 100,000 ads against Hillary. When employed they pointed to websites or video. That’s a lot of ads and a lot of websites to point to. Are we supposed to believe he pulled that out of his hat? – all that coordination and technology at the end. Were those Russian sites Project Alamo pointed to. We already know that plenty in the Trump orb tweeted from the Troll farm – can you imagine what they did behind the scenes in the rooms of Project Alamo. If Michael Flynn and his son and Kelly Anne and Don Jr. out in the opening were tweeting out from a Russian troll farm surely we are standing at the mouth of the cave when all Kushner’s stuff comes spilling out in public view.

So much will remain a mystery until further reveals, but until then you can see the big picture forming. In the end it was psyops warfare using the most personal details of people’s lives (some of it stolen from Facebook) – combined with Artificial Intelligence – that could in a short time – test 1000’s of ads – to a very specific audience in a very specific area until the right response was achieved. This propulsion of thousands of FAKE ADS – 100,000’s of them designed at Project Alamo as well as FAKE news sites – out into the body politic was truly an act of warfare genius. And Kushner pulled it all together in the last months of the campaign ? If you believe that narrative that was pushed on the public then my suggestion is don’t. The madness that nobody was aware of is probably even more mad than we can imagine. Where does it stop? Trump still has that database – it still continues and 40% of the population still believe in Trump as the answer to all their woes ; in him they place their trust. I hope this scandal takes them all down and leads to changes in how elections are done in the future for America’s sake. Dark money out of politics (no Citizens United ) and full transparency of ads and better rules about the type of ads candidates can put out there is part of the cure for America.

Also, lastly I found a great article from Sweden on Project Alamo. It was very interesting. They were worried the same techniques would be used there in the article.. but I will link it below. Worth a read. I was impressed and learned some new things!

Trump FAKE NEWS FACTORY from Well done!

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